Kyle Pacek

Kyle Pacek is an up-and-coming actor who has lit Hollywood on fire with his roles on The Mandalorian (2020-2022) as an Underworld Jawa, and a Bounty Hunter in Season Two in the episode “The Passenger.”


His other credits include All About Lizzie (2012-2013), The Jimmy Kimmel Show (2016), and American Horror Story (2014-2015). Also look for Kyle in "The Book of Boba Fett" (2021), and The Mandalorian Season Three.


Melanie Kohn

Melanie is a native of San Francisco. She voiced Lucy from 1974 - 1977 in Charles Schulz's classics: It's a Mystery Charlie Brown, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown, and the full-length movie Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown. Melanie has also worked at several radio stations as an on-air personality.

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Anndi McAfee

Anndi is a voice actor staple who has given fans the most memorable characters in fandom including the ever-popular Cera from "The Land Before Time V (1997), The Land Before Time VI (1998), The Land Before Time VII (2000), The Land Before Time VIII (2001), The Land Before Time IX (2002), The Land Before Time X (2003), The Land Before Time XI (2005), The Land Before Time XII (2006), The Land Before Time XIII (2007), The Land Before Time XIV (2016)." Her other films include "Hey Arnold The Movie (2017), Charlotte's Web II (2003), Recess: Taking The Fifth Grade (2001), Llyod In Space (2001), The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue (1997), Hey Arnold (1996), Ice Cream Man (1996), Bump In The Night (1994), Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992), and Conagher (1991).


Kathy Garver

Fondly remembered as “Firestar ” in  Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, TV’s Family Affair star, Kathy Garver, has garnered critical acclaim in movies, stage, radio, voice-over animation, video gaming and audio book narration. She is an award winning voice actress, with over 60 audio books and  5 animated series to her credit, including creating Storm in  The X Men Adventures and Ms America in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.  She created the voice of Enyah for Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventures as well as the school girls in the series and has lent her voice and talent to many video games including Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Inherit the Earth, Alcatraz and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

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Beverly Washburn

Beverly is best known as Lisbeth Searcy in the film Old Yeller (1957). Her first major role was in the film Here Comes The Groom (1951) where she acted along side Hollywood great Bing Crosby. Her credits are several, and include Star Trek (1967), Superman and The Mole Men (1951), The Greatest Show On Earth (1952) with Hollywood legend Charlton Heston, The Jack Benny Program (1952), The Juggler (1953) with Kirk Douglas, The Lone Ranger (1956), The Loretta Young Show (1954-1956), Leave It To Beaver (1959), Wagon Train (1956-1963), The Streets of San Francisco (1973-1977), and many more. 

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Sharon Baird

Sharon Baird, best known as Mousketeer "Sharon" on The Mickey Mouse Club (1955). Her other credits include Lord of The Rings (1978), Dumbo’s Circus (1985-1986), Welcome to Pooh Corner (1983), Land of The Lost (1974-1975), Sigmund and The Sea Monsters (1973-1974), New Zoo Review (1972), The Bugaloos (1970-1971), HR PufnStuf (1969-1970), and many more credits in film and television.


Jon Provost

Jon was already a seasoned professional when he won the role of Timmy on television's beloved LASSIE at age seven. He was barely three when cast as Jane Wyman and Sterling Hayden's son in So Big. During his career as a child actor and teen heart throb, he worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood: Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby in The Country Girl, Natalie Wood and Robert Redford in This Property is Condemned, Rod Steiger and Anita Ekberg in Back From Eternity, Clint Eastwood in Escapade in Japan, Kurt Russell in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and on television with Kim Novak, Jack Benny, Ann Sothern and even with that famous talking horse, Mr. Ed.


Laurie Jacobson

Laurie Jacobson is an award-winning Hollywood author. A reformed stand-up comic, Laurie worked out in Harvey Lembeck's Comedy Improv Workshop for years with classmates Robin Williams, John Ritter and John Larroquette. While performing improv, she immersed herself in the history of those who came before her. The stories she uncovered became the basis for her debut, archetype book, Hollywood Heartbreak, a 75-year history of Hollywood told through the lives and deaths of 31 celebrities. Following its publication, Laurie emerged as a leading Hollywood historian. Since then she has written and produced documentaries, television series and specials, including The 20th Anniversary of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Warner Bros. Studio Rededication Party and The Suzanne Somers Show.

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Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera has worked in the comic book industry for many years and on such great titles as The Sensational G-Girl, The Mis-Adventures of Adam West, Robin The Hood, Fun Adventure Comics, King City, Champions, War’s Chosen, Vampires Unlimited: Shades of Things to Come, Old School, The Powerhouse, Fire Fox, Pirate Bay, and C.L.A.W.S. Luis also inked Team Colossus comic book which will be available at the show.


Chris Marrinan

Chris Marrinan graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, with a BFA in Illustration. He began his art career doing advertising illustration, but quickly gravitated toward comics. Beginning with small publishers Eclipse, and then Heroic Comics, he then began finding steady work with Marvel and DC Comics. Chris has drawn comics for many publishers over the years, including Dark Horse and Image Comics, where he created his own titles, HeadHunters,  and Ms. Fortune. Currently, Chris is working on projects with Dark Horse (creator-owned Mike Fortune), Heroic Publications Legends of the Champions, and Commando Cody MonthlyChris has also worked on classic titles like Excalibur, Wonder Woman, Nova, and many more.

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Peter Secosh

Peter Secosh is a comic book artist who worked on The Bod, Doll and Creature, Elvira, Nocturnals: Troll Bridge, Vampirella, Soul Searchers, The Software that Held The Developer Captive, Out with a Bang and other comic books. 


Lady Deadpool Fresno & Deadpool Fresno

Lady Deadpool Fresno and Deadpool Fresno make their way to Silver Age Comic Con 2022 with their antics and Cosplay fun!



Deadpurple7 has been cosplaying for 2+ years. Started off as a prop and suit making Deadpool Cosplayer, then grew to different characters that have inspired me to love and respect.

She is mostly asked to help MC cosplay competitions since she is a total nerd. Deadpurple7 always enjoys making everyone feel welcomed, comfortable and joyful. She has traveled all over California for multiple conventions and loves meeting new people.

More guests to be announced

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